Confidentiality Agreement

Instructions : Please read the information below.
Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement Details
– Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) are supplying you the signed enquirer and the potential buyer with certain strictly confidential information for the business identified above or any other business (“Business”), being listed / offered by Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) for sale (“Business”), hereby agree and acknowledge the following:

A/ No Contact with Business Owner
– I am not to Contact Business Owner or any of the following – Employees Suppliers or Customers except through Ian Clapham of Aussie Business Sales – the Broker, which I agree is the agency first providing information to me. All contact correspondence inquiries, offers to purchase, negotiations and closing preparations related to the purchase of any business presented to me by Ian Clapham of Aussie Business Sales or staff (“Agent”) will be conducted exclusively through The Broker.

 B/ Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) – I understand that Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) are working with me as a business or property Seller’s Agent. I understand that Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) is an agent representing the seller of the business or property and has a contract with the seller providing for a fee to be paid to The Agent by the seller upon the sale the Seller’s business or Property. I agree not to by pass or interfere with Aussie Business Sales contract with the seller in any way. Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) may assist me in locating a business and in the business buying process. 

C/ Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) are Not Liable in any way
– I understand that Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) will not verify the accuracy or completeness of the information provided to me. I will rely on my own personal knowledge and investigations to determine whether I ultimately wish to purchase any business listed with Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”).

D/ Release of Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) – I agree to release Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) any action, claims, demands or damages against Aussie Business Sales by reason of the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information provided by me with the respect to any business I may purchase.

E/ Return or Destroy Confidential Information given to me by Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”)
– I understand that in the event I decide not to purchase the Business or any business disclosed to me by Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) I will promptly notify Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) and immediately return or destroy all information to Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”).

F/ Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) Confidential Information – I understand that all information given to me by Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) or Vendor / Seller will be kept confidential and I agree NOT to disclose any such information to any other person, except to secure the advice and recommendations of my advisors – accountants and solicitors. All information obtained by me shall not be used to the detriment of the business in any way. The Seller is hereby designated as third party beneficiary to this Agreement. 

G/ Provide Correct Information – By signing I acknowledge that I have read and understand all the information contained in this agreement, which was given to me at the time Aussie Business Sales (“Agent”) began providing specific assistance in buying a business and/or real estate property.

H/ I am the Person / Principal – By Signing this agreement I acknowledge that I will be the person /principal in any proposed business purchase and that I am not working on behalf of undisclosed person / persons /principals or as an Agent or Sub-Agent for any other person.

I/ Financial – By signing this document I also acknowledge that I am financially capable of purchasing the business in this document.

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